Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
ACFT- 40 Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic capsule filling machine ACFT - 40 has been designed to fill hard gelatin capsules with a variety of powders, pellets and tablets. The machine is operator friendly, compact in design and runs on the tamping principle. The machine can fill capsules from size '00' to '5'.

Working Sequence:
  • Empty gelatin capsules fed from hopper is oriented and gets loaded into cap / body segments & vacuum
  • separation takes place
  • Cap and body segments get separated. . Pellet filling takes place when attachment is fixed for pellet
  • Powder filling by tamping is done in this station
  • Ejection of unopened capsules takes place by the upward stroking rods
  • Closing of capsules
  • Filled capsules are ejected
  • Segment cleaning is done with vacuum and compressed air
Salient features:
  • Completely automatic process
  • cGMP model complying to 21CFR Part 11
  • All powder contact parts are in Stainless Steel 316 & Non contact parts are Stainless Steel 304
  • Filling of powders/ pellets/ tablet possible in different combinations
  • All parameters can be controlled through PLC
  • Quick change over from one size to another size possible by special gauges
  • Tamping principle of filling ensures better accuracy of filling
  • Machine is operator friendly
  • Powder level in filling chamber is controlled by sensor to avoid powder fill under weight
Optional Accessories:
  • Empty capsule sorter elevator
  • Product conveying system (powder / pellet)
  • Metal detector
  • Check weigher
  • Polishing machine
  • Filled capsule sorter
  • Uniform capsule sorter
Technical Specifications:

Model ACFT-40
Capacity 40,000 Capsules / hr (powder) & 35,000 capsules / hr (pellet)
Capsule Size 00 to 5
Total Power 6.4 KW / 8.5 HP (includes main drive, auger drive, vacuum pump & blower motors
Electric Supply 440V /3 phase / 50 cycles / (also can be supplied as per customer's requirements)
Vacuum 500 mm of Hg @ 1000 LPM
Compressed Air 8 CFM / 200 LPM at 100 psi / 6 kg/cm2
Relative Humidity 40-45 % RH
Room Temperature 22 - 25 C
Weight 1800 kg

Capsule Loading Station:

Empty capsules loaded in the hopper get oriented and loaded. Capsule separation takes place by vacuum. The body of the capsule gets into the bottom segment and the cap gets into the top segment.

Powder Filling Station:

The powder loaded in the powder hopper moves to the powder drum.Tamping of powder into the holes of the filling disc is performed intermittently at five successive stations. Each tamping gradually increases the powder weight and in sixth station the slug of powder is ejected into the capsule. Accurate dosage is ensured by this process and a wide range of formulations can be filled.

Capsule Closing & Ejection Station:

The closing pins lock the capsules and lock length is adjusted by adjusting the tie rod. Closed capsules are then ejected by ejecting pins through outlet chute.
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