Dies & Punches

Dies and Punches for Tablet Compression Machine

Types of Dies and Punches:-
  • Dies and Punches for Round Shape Tablet
  • Dies and Punches for Tablet with Hole- Polo Type Tablet
  • Dies and Punches for Odd Shape Tablet
  • Multi Tip Punches and Dies
  • Dies and Punches for Bolus / Slug Tablet
Tabletting Machines
Single Rotary Tableting Machine

In compliance with cGMP guidelines
Output up to 57,960* Tab/Hr (Max)
Main compression pressure up to 100 kN
Higher turret speed up to 42 RPM
Variable speed pulley drive
Overload pressure release arrangement
Interlocking at Upper guards
Dust nozzle with clamp
Auto Lubrication (optional)
Double Rotary Tableting Machine

In compliance with cGMP guidelines
Output up to 226,800* Tab/Hr (Max)
Main compression pressure up to 100 kN
Higher turret speed up to 42 RPM
Variable speed pulley
Gravitational feed frame
Interlocking at Upper Gauards
Dust Nozzle with clamp
Force feeder with variable frequency drive (optional)
PLC system (optional)
Tabletting Machine Spares

Turret Parts   Turret Big 500x500
Dust Extractor
Salient Fetures:
  • Flexible for special applications for lighter process dust problem
  • Dust weighed down air enters the collector through an expansion chamber, where heavy dust partials are deposited by gravity.
  • The finer dust passes upward through a single large orifice and is finally collected by a multiple sleeve fabric filter, the top of which is attached to a highly effective snap action shaking mechanism, operated by a handle manually on the back side of the unit/equipment.
Tablet & Capsule Counting Machines
Semi Automatic Single Disc Counting & Filling Machine

Silent Features:
  • To count 1 to 1000 Capsules/Tablets
  • 36” Dia Disc providing highest filling capacity
  • Custom Designed disc to match specific needs
  • Special Dust Extractor to remove Dust Particles from the passage of the Container
  • Fitted with Heavy Duty Gear Box
Manual Tablet & Capsule Counters

We hold expertise in offering a distinguished range of Manual Capsule-Tablet Counters. Our product range is available for counting the capsules & tablets of almost any shape and size. These products are available for counting capsules/tablets from the numbers ranging 10 to 500. We provide these products in light weight aluminum and stainless steel for ensuring easy handling.
Tablet Capsule Printing Machine
Sell Offer Details:

Offering Capsule Printing Machine

  • Fully Automatic printing machine for capsule/tablet of any size.
  • 100% feeding gives higher output depending upon the size of capsule/tablet. smaller the size, higher the output
Vibro Sifter
For Wet or Dry Seperation

Vibro Seperator is a screening unit Vibrating in three planes along the vertical axis. A specially designed Vibratory Motor having eccentric weights at the top accomplishes this and bottom ends of the motor shaft.

The motor is mounted vertically at the center of the screening assembly, on a circular base by means of springs, which allow the unit to vibrate freely.The springs absorb the vibrations and prevent them to be transmitted to the floor.
Multi Mill
Multimill is used for high speed granulating, pulverizing, mixing, shredding and chopping, etc of a wide range of wet and dry materials without special attachments.

As compared to the four common principles of size reductions i.e. grinding, compression, impact and shearing, which often do not produce controlled size reduction, this machine utilizes the principle of variable force swing hammer blades having both knife and impact edges rotating with a carefully selected screen to control size reduction.
Paste Kettle
We are instrumental in offering a quality range of Paste Kettle Vessel, specially manufactured by high grade raw material. This Paste Kettle Vessel is widely appreciated for its features like efficient for preparation of starch paste, excellent durability, strong structure, high performance and fine finishing. We are also offering customized range of Paste Kettle Vessels as per the requirement of the client. We are offering Paste Kettle Vessel at market leading prices.

Construction of Paste Kettle Vessel:
Paste Kettle Vessel Will Be Made Out Of S.S. 304 Rectangular Pipes Of 3 Mm Thk And Will Be An Independent Resting Type Frame Work Where No Foundation Will Be Required.
Mass Mixture
Mass Mixer

Uniform Mixing Process Technique for Dry & Wet Granulation.

Application & Process :

The Mass Mixer is designed for uniformly mixing of dry and wet material and especially suitable for powder of Pharmaceuticals, Food, Herbals, Agro Chemicals & Chemicals.

RMG (Rapid Mixer Granulator)
Dome Shaped bowl which helps the products in to whirling motion with the help of impeller for the better mixing. Inclination of the impeller gives the rising and tumbling motion of the product in the bowl due to the impeller blades of two full and two half solid blades.

Optional Features:
  • CIP system can be provided.
  • Machine can be supplied with FLP on request
  • Material handling device can be provide for loading of the material
Planetury Mixture
Intimate and homogenizer mixing of products is employed by planetary motion of beaters and centrally located homogenizer.

Equipments ideally suitable for through mixing of ointments, creams, lotions, tooth paste etc. in sterile or non-sterile conditions.

Product container provided with jacket to heat and cool for circulation of steam/cold water. Mixer is also designed to operate under vacuum to remove air entrapment in product during mixing.
FBD (Fluid Bed Dryer)
The use of ‘Fluid-Bed’ technique on industrial scale, has been considerably on the increase, specially for drying, cooling, calcination, agglomeration, combustion and in many other unit operations, due to its manifold advantages. Compared to conventional batch and other continuous drying method, Fluid-Bed technology offers several advantages such as, no product lump formation / caking, no particle overheating/ cooling, a well defined product residence time, uniform product quality, better energy economy due to lower specific heat requirements etc., In ‘Fluid-Bed" the material is uspended in an upward moving hot-air and the mass behaves like a boiling fluid after "Fluidization".
Tray Dryer
General Specifications

Construction : External : 2MM Thk, Internal : 2MM THKMOC: cGMP

Surface Finish: External:Buffed to 150 grit matt finish, INTERNAL: Buffed to 220 grit mirror finish.

Inlet & Outlet : All dryers have a 5 micron prefilter at the inlet and a manually infinite adjustable damper at the outlet.
Octogonal Blender
Octagonal Blender, due to its octagonal shape is designed to process larger volume of material. It occupies less space compared to other similar blenders like `V' and Double Cone. Power consumption is also less the blending takes place at low speed during operation. It is well balanced even in higher capacities.

Salient Features:
  • Octagonal Blender is supplied with a bin charging system or can be designed for vacuum charging.
Coating Pan
Conventional Coating

Film and Sugar Coating System

Coating Machine ideal for film and sugar coating. The machine is available with 12,24,30,36,42 OR 72 Inch size stainless steel coating pan. The machine is designed with fabricated structure fitted with SS enclosure and drive unit of motor and reduction gear box. Machine has variable speed drive to achieve 8 to 15 RPM by variable speed pulley. The machine is mounted on dynamounts which avoids foundation and vibration.
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