Change Parts of Automatic Capsule mahine:

Change Parts of Automatic Capsule machine

We are experts in manufacturing the change parts and spare parts of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine PAM AF - 25T, AF - 40T, AF - 90T & Anchor Mark Capsule filling spares and change parts.

Vertical Finger size / Horizontal Finger / Capsule Releasing Finger / Closing Pin / Ejection Pin / Un Open Pin / Cap Bush size / Body Bush / Rectifier Block / Magazine Assembly / Tamping Pin / Dosing Disc / Polishing Brush Spiral PAM / Supporting Pad / Bush Cleaning Pin / ADU Bag / Polishing Nylon Mesh / Gromet Small - Big size / SE-100 Sorter Elevator change part / MCS 1000 Mini Capsule Change part / Sorting Plates / Drum Sorter

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Tamping Pins   Punch Guide Plate   Dosing Disc Back Side   Dosing Drum
Dosing Disc Front Side   Horizontal, Vertical Finger   Horizontal, Vertical Finger   Polishing Brush
Rectifier Block   Sorter Plate   Body Bush,Cap Bush   Sorter Drum
ADU Bag   Magazine Assembly   Polishing Machine Bag Small   Polishing Machine Jali
Support Pad AFT 90            
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