Capsule Loader
Model MECL- V-23 (Vertical)


First 300 Hole plate in 28 Seconds. The vertical Loader can fill 2 or 3 Manual Capsule filling Machine trays depending on the quality of the capsule and the skill of the operator

Drive: 0.25 HP 3 Phase 50 Cycles

Deminsions : 630MM (L) x 490 MM (W) x 985 MM (H)

Weight : 100 Kgs

The Base and the covering of the machine is fabricated from stainless steel 304 quality duly polished.MECL Model

  • Fill Hopper with empty capsules
  • Place hand-filler loading tray with guide on the sliding base plate.
  • Swithch On: The capsules automatically get nested in the tray, cap up and body down. Time taken for loading 300 capsules in 300 Hole tray in 28 seconds in vertical loader (Model MECL V -28) and 14 Seconds in Horizontal Loader ( Model MECL H-14)

  • Interchangeable parts can be supplied for all size : 00,0,1,2,3,4 & 5 capsules.

Unique Features:
  • Low investment, High Output
  • Simple to operate. Can be handled by semi-skilled personnel.
  • Easy removable parts. Spares Readily Available.
  • Sturdy Fabrication – assured durability and long service.
  • Designed to Fill all standard-size capsules
  • Excellent Cost Benefit Ratio.
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