Manual Capsule Filling Machine
Manual Capsule Filling Machine

This is a must VERSATILE capsule filling machine, suitable for all classes of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.
Additionally, it has also established its value in the R & D section of large scale. Pharmaceutical Companies where is may be used for smaller batches, trial runs and as a standby. The equipment is simple to operate, and gives negligible rejections,with no weight variations.

  • Fill loading tray with empty capsules
  • Place tray in bed
  • Operate cam handle to separate capsules cap from body
  • Place powder tray in position, fill with accurate quantity of powder and spread with scraper
  • Operate pin plate to compress cap and body
  • Remove tray and empty filled capsules

  • ME-300SS/ME-300STD - 300 holes
  • The SS - Stainless Steel Model is fabricated completely from Stainless Steel 304 quality and non-contact parts are made out of non corrosive metal duly plated or painted

  • Interchangeable parts can be supplied for all standard size capsules. Recommended inter changeability for optimum
  • Output : 0/00-0/1/2-3/4/5
Special Features:
  • Functional design for simplified operation -giving precise results with negligible rejection
  • Sturdy, easily movable
  • Easily dismantled and reassembled even by unskilled labour
  • All contact parts SS 304 quality and all other parts hard chrome plated
  • Excellent cost benefit ratio

Output : 55,000 - 60,000 capsules per 8-hour shift

Technical Specification:

Weight 45 Kgs
Dimensions 410mm (l) x 450 mm (W) x 500 mm (H)
Output 55,000 - 60,000 capsules per 8-hour shift
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