Two Head Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine
Machine Operation

Semi-Automatic Two Head Volumetric Liquid Filling Machines are two head, table top, fully GMP model used to fill variety of liquids. These filling machines work on volumetric principle and is fitted with two syringes on the sides. The desired volume of the machine can be easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing the eccentricity. Motor and gearbox of the liquid filling machines are covered in a SS cabinet.

Salient Features:
  • Volumetric Liquid Filling system
  • Nozzle System
  • It is widely used for milk filling, oil filling, ointment filling, shampoo filling, juice filling, liquor filling, perfume filling, wine filling, food product filling in Jar, Can, Vial, Bottle, Tub & any Containers.
  • The unit is built on strong structural frame for rigidity and provides vibration free movement of operation.
  • The Stroke of nozzle holder and the height of the nozzles id adjustable for achieving smooth entry and exit of nozzles inside the neck of containers and avoids splash/ spillage of liquid or dropping at sides.
  • No breakage of containers in the event centering is not done correctly as nozzle holder is spring loaded.
  • The unit can be quickly dismantled for the maintenance just by opening front cover.
    High precision in manufactured syringe to achieve high accuracy in fill size and drip proof performance.
  • Semi automatic volumetric liquid filling machine can be used for different types of glass, plastic and metal containers.
  • Output 8 / 16 / 24 bottles per minute depending on type liquid and fill size with the help of three speed pulley arrangement.
  • Four head machine can also be provided.
  • Bottles are kept bellow the nozzles manually.
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