Vibro Sifter
For Wet or Dry Seperation

Vibro Seperator is a screening unit Vibrating in three planes along the vertical axis. A specially designed Vibratory Motor having eccentric weights at the top accomplishes this and bottom ends of the motor shaft. The motor is mounted vertically at the center of the screening assembly, on a circular base by means of springs, which allow the unit to vibrate freely. The springs absorb the vibrations and prevent them to be transmitted to the floor.

Simple & Compact construction.
Faster Separation
Double & Triple deck screens with outlet and hopper for bottom deck available on request.
Lesser Maintenance and Power Consumption than the Conventional Sifter.
Easy dismantling and cleaning facility

Models MEVS 20” MEVS 30”
Screen Diameter 510 mm 750 mm
Charging Height 1000 mm 1150 mm
Discharging Height 600 mm 750 mm
Motor 0.5 HP, 3 Ø, A.C. 1 HP, 3 Ø, A.C.
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